Dog Grooming

The Gorgeous Grooms full grooming session is the ultimate beautification treatment for your dog.

Our package includes two washes with our top of the range shampoo and conditioner, followed by a cut and styling experience with our highly accomplished groomers.

Ear cleaning, nail clipping, de-matting and a sanitary trim around the rear are all included.

Dog Walking

We can make life a little easier by providing a fun and exciting walk for your dog! Dogs are social animals that need exercise and stimulation every day. We understand that it can be difficult to devote time to dog walking when your days are busy.

We like to make sure our dogs are not only tired and stimulated by their walks, but are also made to feel very special.

After an initial assessment period and with your written approval we will walk your dog off lead when it is safe to do so. This gives your dog the opportunity to interact naturally with other dogs and the scents and sounds of the park.

Nail Clipping

Your dog’s nails continuously grow. In the wild, your dog would naturally wear down his nails by traveling and hunting over different terrain. Since domesticated dogs’ nails aren’t naturally worn down enough to keep up with their growth, we need to trim their nails for them.

No one likes to do this at home, so let us do it for you. Regular clipping protects your pet from paw and joint injuries, as well as getting nails snagged on carpet or furniture. Walk-in nail trims are welcome.